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Hey Friends, thanks to coming to my about page….

I am David, the face behind Bestelectricshavers.co.uk- I take care of this website day and night. I also do all the researching and writing stuff related to men’s grooming shaving tools for this website.




History of Best Electric Shavers

From start, I was just a passion for writing, where I am writing on the topics related to men’s electric shaving. This hobby of writing became converted into a website containing the posts covering a wide range of hair removal tools (Shavers and Razors) for both men and women.

As a normal guy, first, I was starting to shave by using double blade disposable razor, and shaving foam. But the results didn't satisfy me and it was also taking too much time. My mornings were starting with cuts and pain.

Over the years, I’m doing lots of experiments by using various types of shaving devices- from wet razor to electric shavers. Just I want to know which one is best. I love new technology, and love to see myself good.

My personality looks more impressive when I shaved my head, which introduced me to electric shavers with more cordless battery power. My other passion is modeling and gym, and for me, having less body hair makes you more attractive. I started using body groomers and hair removal devices.

When I touched my 30’s, I had enough knowledge about men’s grooming devices like electric shavers, hair clippers, beard trimmers, and body groomers. Yes, I consider myself a little bit “EXPERT”.

I have both knowledge and personal regular experience of all such grooming devices available in the market. These all conditions birth this shaving website (Best Electric Shavers.co.uk).

There’s a team of 3 member team that work day and night for this website and readers. Me (David), Tom (Editor), and my girlfriend Tina, she writes about women grooming products like epilators, lady shavers etc.

We all try to research at our best to find electric grooming products for both men and women by writing better reviews for our readers. By doing our research, we save the time of our readers because they find here only the best devices. You will find here only those products which are best in their category, durable and build by top brand. But the most important thing, you only select those products here that have the highest positive reviews given by that customer, who buy that item and use.

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We always try to improve the user experience of our website. If you want to contribute any your suggestion with us, you are welcome from our heart to contact us here [Contact Us Page].